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  • Age Group– 15 and above
  • Sessions – 4
  • Day & Timing –Every Saturday 5 PM to 7 PM
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Portrait Pencil Sketching

This class provides portrait pencil sketch tutorial to the learners. Professional artist will enhance your drawing skills and help you with fundamental knowledge in portrait pencil sketching.

One of the best option available is to promote and encourage their interest in portrait pencil sketch tutorials in Dubai. This is the best place to improve your creativity. The time they spare in the virtual world can be effectively utilized to get supplemented with more creative and innovative ideas. Holidays and vacation time in UAE can be filled with more fun and enthusiasm if your child is interested in this field.

Additional Information:

  • Age Group– 15 and above
  • Sessions – 4
  • Day & Timing –Every Saturday 5 PM to 7 PM

Our professional artist will teach you step by step with several techniques and methodologies to familiarize the pencil sketching skills. With this portrait pencil sketch tutorial you will learn on:

  • Portrait drawing skills
  • Portrait features
  • Drawing unique organs
  • Proportions of head and face
  • Portrait shading techniques
  • Portrait sharpening methods
  • Special effects

In the advanced era of technology, it’s very difficult to compromise on access to digital world. In UAE, a lot of opportunities are available for parents to engage their kids as well for adults.

Who can join?

Any individual who is interested to develop their drawing skills can join with this portrait pencil Sketch tutorial.

Benefits of portrait pencil sketching Tutorial

  •       · Sketching and drawing is a great way to improve your creative skills
  •       · Sketching will boost brain by improving focus and pay attention
  •       · Improve coordination and motor skills.
  •       · Elevate self-esteem and confidence.
  •       · Sharpen the concentration
  •       · Reduces stress and anxiety.
  •       · Best leisure time activity
  •       · Sketching improves holistic health
  •       · Sketching is a hobby which will help you to relax and draw
  •       · Rest and relaxation is the main advantage of this art form
  •       · Sketching help you to improve communication skills
  •       · Support the school system performance with creative supplements


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