An online portal that lists all the medium/small grocery shops in UAE according to the main known places in Emirates wise in the UAE. The portal will lists the emirates in the UAE and on selection of an Emirate will list the main known places. When a known place/town is selected, the grocery shops will be displayed coming under the selected location.
Each grocery will lists its products with the unit prices. The products will be of basic satisfactory items for the people. People can select the product along with quantity and go for order. While ordering, people have to enter the basic details like Name, mobile number and email. The order will be received by the selected grocery shop.
They will accept the order details after confirming with the customer. The grocery can deliver the order to customer and collect the cash from them or customer can pay online.


The grocery shops are added and updated in the backend by groceries with a secure login. Each grocery will be listed under one sub domain of the main known place of the emirate. The groceries of one sub domain will be managed by an admin.


The Grocery Registration should include the location details, stocks updates, product details etc. They should show the shop related documents. They should agree the terms and conditions put forward by the admin.